The Original Moulin Rouge in Second Life

The Moulin Rouge is a magnificent place of grandeur and wonder. You can find whimsy, decadence and hedonism at every turn. Whether it is a relaxing night in the lounge, or a heart throttling night of dancing amongst the second world’s most discriminating citizens, it is a moment you will not soon forget. The Moulin Rouge celebrated 15 years on Valentines Day, February 14, 2020, making it the oldest theatre and one of the oldest club venues in SL!

Aside from being one of the most impressive structures in second life, the Moulin Rouge is the home of artists, thinkers, lovers, dreamers, poets, and thespians. The most impressive of all are the patrons of the Moulin Rouge, some of the most imaginative and friendly people in SL.

The atmosphere of the Rouge is as dynamic as the people who call it home. The island features everything you could possibly need for a vacation, romantic outing with a loved one, a wild night on the town, shopping sprees, and interaction, and so much more.

The Moulin Rouge Theatre – Featuring a wide variety of live theatre shows not to be missed. The most unique and creative in SL, we are the longest running and performing theatre and dance troupe in SL, and winner and nominee of several AVI Choice Awards. Live shows are every Saturday Night at 7pm SLT (and the occasional Sunday matinee at 12pm SLT.

We also have regular DJ events and performers at Moulin Rouge in the Blue Note Jazz Club, located in the lower level next to the theatre.